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Great couple of days

Sunday of course was Father's Day and my 13-year-old daughter Alexis kept saying , you have to wait till later for your present. Finally, after a long weekend, we are home Sunday evening and she plugs her laptop into the TV and plays a video she made of photos of me holding her and her brother (now 17) when they were babies and other pictures, along with messages she wrote, all set to one of our favorite songs, Thomas Rhett's "Ain't Nothing That a Beer Can't Fix" .. What an awesome gift.

On Tuesday, myself, Andrew and Alexis went to visit my father, who is now 91. While he has trouble walking, the rest of his health is amazing. Perhaps most incredible is that two of my father's sisters are alive at 100 and 104. Two other sisters passed at 94 and 97. Talk about longevity. Here's to certainly hoping that trend keeps going in my generation!

Of note, my Pop isn't the only one that age directly in our lives as my wife's father is 92 and in pretty good health all things considered. Keep it going grandfathers!

Tuesday evening closed with a "Where did the time go?" moment when we went to Failor's Photography (great people, by the way) for Andrew's senior pictures. I couldn't not resist sneaking in a couple shots of his photo session, one of which is here. Truly, where did the time go?

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